YUTIQ® (fluocinolone acetonide intravitreal implant) 0.18 mg is indicated for the treatment of chronic non-infectious uveitis affecting the posterior segment of the eye.

Discover Continuous
Calm In Uveitis

YUTIQ is designed to deliver a sustained
release of fluocinolone for patients with chronic
noninfectious posterior uveitis for up to 36 months1

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480 Pleasant Street
Suite B300
Watertown, MA 02472
1-833-EyePoint (1-833-393-7646)

480 Pleasant Street
Suite B300
Watertown, MA 02472
1-833-EyePoint (1-833-393-7646)

This site is intended for US healthcare professionals only.


YUTIQ: proven to reduce uveitis recurrence1

[At 6 months—18% for YUTIQ and 79% for sham [95% Cl*: 60% (41%, 73%)] for study 1 and 22% for YUTIQ and 54% for sham [95% CI: 32% (15%, 48%)] for study 2 (P<0.1). At 12 months—28% for YUTIQ and 86% for sham [95% CI: 58% (40%, 70%)] for study 1 and 33% for YUTIQ and 60% for sham [95% CI: 27% (9%, 43%)] for study 2.]

Extended median time to first recurrence of uveitis1,2

[At 12 months—NE for YUTIQ/92 days for sham in study 1; NE for YUTIQ/187 days for sham in study 2.]

Study design: The efficacy of YUTIQ was assessed in 2 randomized, multicenter, sham-controlled, double-masked, phase 3 studies in adult patients [N=282] with noninfectious uveitis affecting the posterior segment of the eye. The primary endpoint in both studies was the proportion of patients who experienced recurrence of uveitis in the study eye within 6 months of follow-up; recurrence was also assessed at 12 months. Recurrence was defined as either deterioration in visual acuity, vitreous haze attributable to noninfectious uveitis, or the need for rescue medications.1

*Confidence interval.

NE=non-evaluable due to the low number of recurrences in the YUTIQ group.2

YUTIQ: innovation in chronic noninfectious posterior uveitis treatment

The YUTIQ implant is 3.5 mm long.

YUTIQ in-office patient support services

We are committed to providing support through every phase of the YUTIQ access process through our complimentary EyePoint AssistSM support program. By offering a range of access and reimbursement resources, we strive to make the patient experience a positive one.

EyePoint Assist will help with coordinating health insurance benefits, determining associated out-of-pocket costs, and assisting in determining eligibility for the YUTIQ co-pay assistance and patient assistance programs.

To learn more, download the resources below or call 1-833-EyePoint (1-833-393-7646; Option 2).

YUTIQ ordering and reimbursement process guide

An overview of the step-by-step ordering and buy-and-bill reimbursement process for YUTIQ.

YUTIQ reimbursement and diagnosis codes

An at-a-glance guide designed to provide important codes to properly bill for YUTIQ.

J code: J7314

EyePoint Assist patient enrollment forms

A key component to getting patients started on YUTIQ and enrolled in financial support offerings such as co-pay support.

YUTIQ in practice: a CEO's perspective

Listen to the CEO of Texas Retina Specialists discuss EyePoint support, getting started with YUTIQ, and HUB enrollment.

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Uveitis specialists and retina specialists trust YUTIQ

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Dr Sumit Sharma

Dr Sharma, a uveitis specialist at the Cleveland Clinic, discusses treatment challenges, the various patient types, and best treatment practices.

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Dr David Eichenbaum

Retina specialist Dr Eichenbaum discusses the ideal YUTIQ patient, use of YUTIQ, and follow-up care.

To hear more specialists discuss chronic noninfectious posterior uveitis and treatment with YUTIQ, please visit our